Moscow Kremiln

The Kremlin is one of the most talked about Russian icons, usually because people have so many conspiracy theories which they like to throw around, which usually do involve the Kremlin. Aside from this however today I want to talk about some facts about this building, which is one of the most visited in Moscow, and in Russia. Movies like to make this place out for something that it may or may not be, but I want to get to the bottom of exactly what this magnificent building actually is, let’s take a look.

Not the Only One

The word Kremlin is used to refer to citadels, and essentially translates to ‘fortress within a city’ there is not just one Kremlin. The Moscow Kremlin however is of course the most famous and this is mainly because it is one of the world’s oldest active fortresses.


This is where the government of the Russian Federation resides and it is considered the government’s executive office here in the country. The official website of the government is actually

Inside The Kremlin

What many don’t realize is that inside the Kremlin there is an enormous range of structures and of buildings which have nothing to do with the government per se. Here you can find bell towers, a cathedral, secular structures, open plazas and squares and there is two domestic churches as well.

The oldest secular structure still standing is Ivan III’s Palace of Facets (1491), which holds the imperial thrones. The next oldest is the first home of the royal family, the Terem Palace. The original Terem Palace was also commissioned by Ivan III, but most of the existing palace was built in the 17th century.

Recent Developments

Unlike many government buildings around the world, the Kremlin is exceptionally well maintained and reparations and updates are completed very swiftly indeed. In recent years we have seen the installation of a helipad on the site, which is there so that the President can come and go faster, not to mention in order to reduce the traffic which motorcades used to create.