About Us

We Are

Our story began at the University of Chicago where we were both classmates international relations. It was in the spring of our senior year, 2019, that our friendship deepened into love and we became inseparable. Recognizing the opportunity that lay right at our doorstep, with Chicago’s rich status as a rail hub, we took a leap of faith and embarked on a six-month rail journey that would span the breadth of the United States.

That journey was more than just a trip; it was the birth of TravelGems.com. From the seeds of that unforgettable adventure, our blog sprouted, capturing the spirit of our travels and the lessons we learned from the rails. Ever since that pivotal moment, Ryan and I have never looked back, continuing to chase the endless horizons and the countless stories that this world has to offer.

We Do

Since its inception, TravelGems.com has evolved from a personal diary of our adventures into a way of life that connects us with the pulse of the travel industry. We now proudly partner with tourism boards and responsible travel-related businesses, leveraging these relationships to bring our readers a treasure trove of exclusive content and insider knowledge. Our collaborations with like-minded individuals have allowed us to expand our horizons, taking TravelGems.com from coast-to-coast explorations to international escapades. At the heart of our site, you’ll find unique and valuable travel information, the kind that’s garnered from firsthand experiences and tailored insights you won’t find anywhere else. This journey has transformed us and TravelGems.com into a hub for those who yearn to discover the world through over-land travel, with a spirit of authenticity and adventure.