The Mongol Invasion of Russia

One of the most important events in the history of Russia is the Mongol invasion, lead by Genghis Khan which ultimately lead to the creation of Russia as we know it today. This invasion eventually led to the complete fragmentation of the Kievan Russia, having been put entirely under the control of the Mongols. From this event the region of Muscovy was formed, which of course is what we know to be modern day Moscow.

There are some interesting facts about this which I want to go into today, perhaps some which you may not have realized.

Prince Freedom

What was most interesting about the way in which they Mongols would take over is that they would give up quite a bit of freedom to those wealthy and powerful in the land that they had taken over. In return for this however, they would demand charters and payments, and of course the Mongols would always be the ones in control. It was this strategy which lead to the group being called the Golden Horde.

Opening Up

In retrospect, and whilst no successful invasion is ever good if you have been invaded, the Mongols left a very strong footprint on the country. From military tactics to trade routes, this was a civilization who really knew how to break down and rebuild a nation, even if their means were of course questionable.

Good and Bad

There were many positives and negatives which this invasion brought for both Russia, Asia and Europe. The worst of the lot would have to be the arrival of the Black Death, which was brought by the Mongols from China, to Europe thanks to the invasion. This plague killed over half of the European population. On a slightly more positive note, the Mongols and their invasion helped to connect the East and the West and relationships born from that time continue into the modern day, through the sale and the shipment of goods and labour.

This was a fascinating moment in the history of the world and it is something which we should all aim to learn a little more about.