Reasons to Fall in Love With Greece

Greece is by far and away one of my favorite countries to visit and since I first arrived there at age 14 I have felt the same way. There is so much to love about this nation and that is something which I want to get into today. Greece relies so heavily on tourism and following its economic issues around a decade ago, that tourism has taken a massive hit. In the hope that I can play a role in changing that, here are just some of the reasons why I absolutely love Greece.

The Food

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Greek food is by far and away my favorite cuisine anywhere in the world. I may bring in Mexican as a close second but there is no doubt in my mind that Greek is the best. From Feta cheese to delicious salads, olives and melted cheese dishes not to mention the delicious lamb meals, gyros and of course the main event of Moussaka, there is not a dish in this country which I dislike.


Greece is almost more of an archipelago than it is a country and I have had such great fun exploring all of the islands. I have always been an avid reader of ancient Greek writes such as Plato and Homer, and I love to explore these ancient places. Of course there is also Athens and the Parthenon for those who are really looking to learn about history.

The Locals

The locals can make or break a country in terms of how you are received and for me there is nowhere like Greece for a welcome. I have always been made to feel incredibly welcome and comfortable during my time in Greece, and many of my friends and family have said the exact same thing after they have been.


And finally there is just something so delightful about that warm, Mediterranean climate which sweeps you away and which offers the ideal temperature at all times of the day.

If you are looking for somewhere to travel to, Greece is the place to do it.