Pushkinskaya Square

One of the most popular squares in the city of Moscow is Pushkinskaya Square, frequently used for gatherings and open-air events and a great place to visit during your time in Moscow. This square will showcase all of the best that Moscow has to offer, from locals selling wares, people dancing, singing and generally enjoying being outdoors in this fun place. If you are heading to Moscow then here is a little bit more information about the place that they call Pushkinskaya Square.


The Square was previously known as Strastaya Square yet was renamed after the great Alexander Pushkin in 1937. This is not only one of the country’s busiest squares, it is widely considered as being one of the busiest squares in the world. The original name of the square was given based on the Strastnoy Monastery or ‘Passion’ Monastery which once stood here, demolished in the early 1930s.


Pushkinskaya Square is located at the junction of the Boulevard Ring (Tverskoy Boulevard to the southwest and Strastnoy Boulevard to the northeast) and Tverskaya Street and 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) northwest of the Kremlin. This square is particularly easy to find both owing to its central location and the large statue of Alexander Pushkin which can be found in the center.

What to Expect

There are many reasons why people will come to this square. Some people use it as a meeting point, others come to sell goods as they pass through and some will simply come and take some fresh air as they watch the city spin. For tourists you can expect to really enjoy a slice of real Moscow here, people going about their day, and enjoying time with friends. There are some great cafes and restaurants surrounding the square which you can enjoy, and ultimately it is about taking in the delightful scenery which you will find all around you.

If you are visiting Moscow then I would certainly recommend heading to one of those cafes, taking some time out and just enjoying the sights and the sounds which you experience here.