Moscow Nights

Moscow is not your average city and despite its scale and its importance in Russia, tourists often aren’t sure what they should expect. By day this is a magical city and one which is absolutely steeped in history and heritage, but many aren’t sure what this offers at night. There are of course bars and clubs, but we are not a party city, there are also late night cafes and reading spots, yet we are not really a beatnik city, do what is there to do at night in the capital? Let’s take a look.

Red Square

I have always loved Red Square on a nighttime, when the mood changes and the city landmarks just take on another character as they are lit up against the backdrop of the night sky. There is a lull on an evening and it is a wonderful way of really embracing the beauty of this area of the city.

Head to the Bolshoi

If there is one thing which the world should know about Russia it is that our attitude towards the arts is very serious indeed, and we have contributed an enormous amount to the culture of ballet, opera and classical music. The Bolshoi is the perfect example of this and if you are lucky then catching a performance at the theater would be a great way to spend an evening.

Krysha Mira

We may not be a party city per se but we know exactly how to party and we know how to let our hair down. The perfect place to see and experience that is at Krysha Mira the club which is dubbed the ‘roof of the world’. This is the hottest place to hear EDM music in the capital, a truly brilliant night out.

Gorky Park

By day Gorky park is a quiet and unassuming place but at night the way that this park lights up is just magical and I love to head there on an evening and wander around the glorious place. The observation deck is open until 10pm, a great place to spend an evening.