Having just come home from the beautiful city of Bodgorica (Podgorica) I have to say that this is a place which I had no idea could be as fun and interesting as it was. I have spoken to many friends who actually aren’t sure as to whether or not I am telling the truth about my trip to Montenegro, and I have to assure you guys that I really am, this was a memorable trip and it is a great place to discover.

If you haven’t thought about visiting Podgorica then here are just some of the reasons why I think that you certainly should give it a try.

Confusing Past

This is a city which has a very confusing past involving Romans, the Ottomans, the Slavs and a great many more tribes and civilizations which have laid claim to it. All of this has had a clear impact on the culture here and that shows in the buildings and historical sites.

Food and Wine

Adriatic seafood brought straight from the coast, wine which is seriously underrated and some of the finest grilled meat you are going to find, the food and wine here was something that I did not expect.

Sultan Streets

Most old towns remain similar to how they once were yet feature plenty of modern twists, this is not the case here in Stara Varos. Here the old town is just that and you very much feel as though you have stepped back into the world of the Ottoman Sultans, who held so much power over this city.

Day Trip Base

I originally picked Podgorica on the basis that it would be a good jumping off spot for the many day trips that I had planned. Thankfully on this I very much proved to be right and this made for a perfect place where I could access the very best of the Montenegrin landscape and natural wonders which I had originally traveled for.

This is a great city which just has so much to offer and I cannot wax lyrical enough about it, make sure that you get it on your list of places to travel to.